About Alan

Alan Brickman, the founder and principal of Brickman Nonprofit Solutions, has been transforming and building the capacity of nonprofit, philanthropic, and public sector organizations for over 25 years. By providing planning, strategy development, and program evaluation services customized to the needs of each client, Alan enables these organizations to effectively and sustainably achieve their missions and maximize their positive social impact.

Alan has helped hundreds of organizations that represent a comprehensive array of service delivery fields and organizational settings. He is passionate about nonprofit planning, strategy development, and program evaluation. This passion derives from his lifelong commitment to strengthening and sustaining organizations that play a vital role in improving the quality of life in communities by providing access to critical services and promoting social justice.

He brings an evaluator’s respect for data to his planning work, which ensures that an organization’s plans are well grounded in current and complete data. At the same time, he brings a facilitator’s perspective to his evaluation work, and engages clients in productive discussions of evaluation design and translating findings into concrete action steps.

All Alan's consulting projects, whether focused on planning or evaluation, are distinguished by strategic thinking rooted in his extensive experience. Alan is unapologetically and straightforwardly honest, even when this leads to difficult conversations with client staff or Board members. This honesty forms the foundation for the kind of open collaboration with clients that is necessary for any real change. Of course, humor is also an important ingredient because this work needs to be both productive and fun!

Alan is passionate about building nonprofit capacity and organizational effectiveness, and his track record reflects that drive.

As a natural evolution of his consulting practice, Alan has recently worked with many intermediaries that provide a range of capacity building services to organizations or affiliates in specific service-delivery fields. These intermediaries bring a systemic "big picture" perspective, and provide services including: training and professional development for staff, organizational and program development, and/or system building or advocacy for the field as a whole. Alan has worked with intermediaries in fields including: adult literacy, after-school and out-of-school-time programs, workforce development, affordable housing and community development, library services, homeless services, and services and support for families dealing with diseases such as Alzheimer’s or autism.

In addition to consulting, Alan has twice been a nonprofit executive director: of a school volunteer/school-community partnership organization in Cambridge, Massachusetts; and a substance abuse prevention and early intervention organization in New Orleans. He has worked as a community organizer and high school and college math teacher. In addition, Alan conducts training in evaluation and outcome measurement, partnerships and collaboration, strategic planning, foundation and corporate grant seeking, and volunteer management.

Finally, Alan is an avid reader of novels and poetry, and occasionally writes his own fiction. For many years, he has incorporated poetry into his facilitation because he is confident that it can play a role in getting people to step outside their everyday experience and think in new ways. His two dogs, Otis and Jasper, heartily agree.